You know you are getting old when…

I guess we’ve all read those lists of things that indicate that you are getting old. Such lists include such witticisms as “You know you are getting old when you back goes out more than you do.” These lists are supposed to be funny, but for the people who show some of symptoms mentioned in these lists, they are not all that funny. In some cases there is a real sadness or even distress about the aging process occurring in their formerly supple, healthy bodies.

Regular readers of this blog will be aware that I recently celebrated my 60th birthday. In reality, it staggers me that I’ve reached that age. Mentally I certainly do not feel that old. I guess that is the result of working with 7 to 10 year old children for most of my life. Physically, many people tell me I look ten years younger. That’s always encouraging to the ego. When I do hard physical work (like gardening for example) I am starting to feel that the years have taken some of their toll. And I know I do not have the endurance to keep working long hours or to stay fully alert late into the evenings like I used to.

In all of this I did something this morning that made me realise a new truth about aging. You know you are getting old…when you send off an application form to obtain a Seniors Card. [Sigh] Here in Australia we have some generous discounts and concessions for those over the age of sixty, so I should not bemoan the fact. It’s just that the realisation crept up on me suddenly. [Another sigh]

Good writing.


2 Responses to “You know you are getting old when…”

  1. I know what you mean, Trevor. Unfortunately the ol’ body has ways to remind us of the progression of time.

    On my 40th birthday (which was, alas, some time ago), I got the news I was going to go from NO eyeglasses – strait to trifocals! *sigh*

  2. Trevor says:

    Ouch – that is quite a jump. As for me, I started wearing glasses in high school. My eyes have slowly deteriorated since then but never in huge amounts.