Writing a Novel

During 2009 I wrote a novel called Adarsh, Mountain Boy of Nepal (working title).

This was my thesis paper for my Master of Arts in Creative Writing course.

Below is a list of journal entries I made during the writing of the novel.

Click on the title which you want to read. The link will take you to the article.

UPDATE: On 25th February 2011 I received news I’d passed my Master of Arts (Creative Writing) with a distinction. Yay!

  1. A writer’s journal
  2. The germ of an idea
  3. It takes character (Some thoughts about characters)
  4. Whose story is it anyway? (Point of view)
  5. Searching, searching, searchingbackground research
  6. Where am I? (Some thoughts on setting)
  7. Past tense – or present tense (some thoughts on choosing the tense of a story)
  8. Writing Hannah: on writing for children (a short review of this book written by Libby Gleeson)
  9. What I am reading: Iqbal: a novel (background reading for my novel)
  10. The Frustrations of the writer’s life (things that get in the way of writing)
  11. Where is my story going? Some thoughts on plot.
  12. Momentum – writing when the words flow.
  13. More about momentum – keeping up the momentum with your writing.
  14. Progress on my novel some days are just not good writing days.
  15. Goal setting how I am keeping myself on track.
  16. Progress report – passing the half way mark.
  17. Problems with point of view – I’m having a few problems
  18. Progress report – I’ve passed the 36,000 word mark
  19. My novel is finished – but only the first draft – rewriting, editing and proofreading.
  20. More about rewriting and editing a novel
  21. I am grieving over my novel – my reaction to finishing the first draft.
  22. What I am reading: Braver than the Gurkhas – background reading for my novel.
  23. What I am reading: One more time: a novel – background reading for my novel.
  24. What I am reading: Breath by Tim Winton
  25. What I am reading: photographic books on Nepal – background research.
  26. What I am reading: Eyeing Everest – a novel set in Nepal.
  27. Slow progress on my novel – editing and rewriting takes time and effort.
  28. Progress on my novel – the editing and rewriting has slowed down, and I take a short holiday.
  29. Quiet please – I’m using a chisel on my novel – more about editing and rewriting.
  30. Revising my novel – the 4th draft is now finished
  31. Writing the first draft – some reflections on my first draft in the light of comments by Tom Keneally.
  32. Editing my novel – how I went about editing the 7th draft.
  33. What point of view should I use – more thoughts on this important aspect
  34. Coming soon
  35. Coming soon