One problem with Christmas and books

When it comes to birthdays and Christmas I have a problem. This problem was highlighted by a catalogue inserted in yesterday’s newspaper.

I like getting new books as gifts. That’s not the problem, however. When family members ask me what I would like as a gift I usually request a book or two (and sometimes more). And I often get what I ask for. Isn’t it nice to have such a compliant family?

Aiding and abetting this process are the numerous book catalogues inserted in magazines, newspapers and sent in the mail. Then there are those lists you read about this time of the year recommending several hundred books you ought to read before you shuffle off this planet. Such interesting titles in those lists and in those catalogues, too. I’d love to buy them or receive them and read them.

Ah – there’s the rub. I have so many unread books on my shelves it is becoming embarrassing. Add to that the growing piles of unread magazines in various rooms in the house and I have a major problem.

I think I might need to take a year or two off and just read.

Now which is the most comfortable chair in the house?


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