Setting goals for your writing

“One way to have more successes is to set yourself more modest goals.” Ashleigh Brilliant.

While this is a somewhat flippant and whimsical approach to goal setting, I do not fully agree with it. I find that so many people do not achieve anything of significance in their lives because they set no goals. Or they may set some goals but never seriously attempt to achieve them. And near the end of their lives they just wonder what happened and where their lives went.

On the other hand, some people set goals that are lofty, admirable and worthy of pursuing. Then they get discouraged because they cannot attain those goals. They had an unrealistic level of their own abilities.

Set realistic goals

I prefer instead to work hard at setting – and then achieving – realistic goals. Know thyself – analyse your goals and be honest with yourself, acknowledging your strengths and being aware of weaknesses. Take into account times and circumstances which can drastically impinge upon your goals. Know through trial and error what you can achieve. And then work hard at achieving your goals.

Writing goals

I have three crucial goals regarding my writing:

  1. I set firm targets for the number of hours of writing I do each week, month and year.
  2. I set firm targets for the number of words I write each week, month and year.
  3. I set firm goals for the number of blog posts I write each month.

I do not always achieve these goals, but I sure work hard at reaching them. Sometimes there are major interruptions, like recently when I was asked to work full time in a relieving capacity for three weeks. You have to work around life events and their demands.

Stretch yourself

I prefer not to set modest goals, as Ashleigh Brilliant suggests in the quote above. I would much rather set realistic goals that I know I can achieve if I work hard at them – and they stretch me a little. The satisfaction of achievement is therefore much sweeter.

Good writing.


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