The Adventures of Nancy – home again

Nancy on her Mum's lap

Nancy on her Mum's lap

Hi there,

Nancy here again.

Sorry – it has been a while since my last blog entry. I have been very busy. My Mum finally came to pick me up from Grandpa Trevor’s home. Wow! Was I glad to see her after so many weeks! I was pleased to see her – and sad to leave Grandpa.

Since then I’ve been busy checking out everything at home. I had to check all the rooms of the house to see if Mum had been looking after everything. Then I had to check out the garden to make sure everything was secure. I had to bark at a few birds. They take such liberties when I am not there, so I had to straighten them out. Then that nasty cat from across the road keeps coming over and parading on the front verandah. The cheek of him.

Anyway, everything seems to be in order so I can now relax a little.

Talk to you again soon.

Nancy – the dog with attitude.

PS – if you would like to read more about me go to the archives here.


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