Writing prompt – Patience

A patient mule in the medina of Fes in Morocco

On our tour of Morocco several years ago I photographed this very patient mule standing just outside a shop in the busy medina of the city of Fes.

It just stood there patiently, ignoring the milling throng all around, oblivious to the movement, the noise and the general confusion.

Writing prompt:

  1. Write about a time you had to be very patient.
  2. Write about an occasion when someone had to be very patient with you.
  3. Write a list of the virtues of patience.
  4. Write a poem titled “Patience”.
  5. Write a short story starting with the words: “After three hours of patient waiting…”
  6. Write a short story finishing with the words “It had been a day that severely tested my patience.’

Good writing.


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