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Our pizza lunch at GPK Chatswood, Sydney

Many people write about food on their blogs. Some have even elevated this to writing for prestigious glossy, social magazines and yet others make a living from critiquing food and restaurants and writing about it in various forms.

It is my one regret from several trips overseas that I didn’t take more photos of the wonderful meals we enjoyed, especially in Morocco and Spain. Now that I have a smart phone with a decent camera, I intend to correct that oversight of the past.

On our current¬† trip to visit family in Sydney we celebrated my daughter-in-law’s birthday. Her choice was to go to the local Chatswood GPK pizza restaurant. GPK stands for Gourmet Pizza Kitchen, and the one we visited is one of a chain throughout various cities here in Australia.

Between the six of the adults in our party we ordered four different pizzas which we all shared. I’ve shown only two here on this post today. The two grandchildren had their very own pizza. The menu is extensive with many named after prominent cities or countries of the world. Each had a particular cultural and culinary focus appropriate to the country. For example, we liked the Moroccan pizza as well as the one called Kathmandu.

With the term gourmet attached to the name of the restaurant one quite likely pays a little extra. But these are not your common or garden pizzas delivered by a pimply teenager to your front door late on a cold winter’s night. These are far superior in every way.

The flavours are intense and a delight to the taste buds. Some featured some surprising ingredients – such as broccoli – which worked amazingly well.

My rating: 8/10

Writing prompt: write about your favourite restaurant, your favourite food, great meals or gastronomic disasters.

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Our pizza lunch at GPK restaurant, Chatswood, Sydney


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