Writer’s block

I’m struggling to write.

Now this is a common problem experienced by most writers. Over the last three months I have had many distractions which have kept me from the key board.

  • Things like going away for several short holidays with family.
  • Things like spending wonderful time with my grandson – and his parents.
  • Things like catching up with family over Christmas.
  • Things like celebrating my wife’s birthday with friends – it was one of the big one! (Ssssh – I won’t mention her age)
  • Things like getting jobs done around the house that had been studiously ignored during the year.

Probably the most concerning, however, has been a deterioration of my health. Several things have made concentrating on my writing very difficult. This is where persistence comes into play. Over the last few days I’ve gradually pushed through the disappointments and difficulties and persisted with my writing. Sometimes it has been easy, sometimes very challenging.

As I see it now, my priority over the coming months will be to keep on steadily writing while being careful to pace myself and care for my health.

Good writing.


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