My latest publishing venture

Now for something a little different.

I’ve had another poem published, this time in a small collection of poems called a chap book. There’s quite a story to this poem being published.

Every month I attend a poetry writers’ group at the university where I have almost completed my Master of Arts in Creative Writing.  Poetry writing has been a love of mine for decades, but it is only now that I’m having some small publication successes. Poetry was a big part of the course and my skills have definitely improved in the last 2 years.

Every month we set a poetry writing challenge for the next meeting. One of the challenges last year was to write a poem on the theme of poverty (the Global Financial Crisis even crept into our little group).  Some of the poems were brilliant and deserved a much wider audience than the group. We decided that this was to be the the first compilation published by the group.

I was nominated to be one of the three editors and I also set up the design of the booklet. We called it Shifting Sands. We had a very successful launch at our monthly meeting last Thursday. Normally we might only have about 5-7 members attend. This time we had 14 people present (including 3 new members) despite at least 3 or our regular attendees being away.

This month our theme was New Year’s Resolutions and the standard was extremely high. As a result we are now planning our next publication.

Good writing.


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