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I’m a little slow about writing about this book.

I bought it about last October but kept it unread for a treat over the Christmas – New Year holidays. It has been a while since I bought a new novel to read just for pleasure. It’s something every writer should be doing regularly. Enough of my failings.

This is what I read: A Guide to the Birds of East Africa:a novel by Australian author Nicholas Drayson.

A first glance at the title and one could be forgiven for thinking it is only about birds. Well, it isn’t. Not entirely. At heart it is a romance, a mystery, an adventure and a rollicking good read. And you incidentally learn about the birds of East Africa as a bonus.

Mr. Malik is a quiet, reserved and thoroughly likable¬† gentleman with a secret passion. Not even the members of his club know that he is totally in love with the leader of the Tuesday morning bird walk of the East African Ornithological Society,¬† Rose Mbikwa. Rose’s politician husband had died in mysterious circumstance many years previously.

Mr. Malik has a problem; he desires to invite Rose to the annual Hunt Ball but flashy Harry Khan arrives in town in time to spoil his plans. Mr. Malik and Harry have a distant and not so happy past from their school days. When Harry indicates that he was going to invite Rose to the ball, mild Mr. Malik blurts out his feelings for her. So a club wager was set – whoever could see the most birds in a week would have the right to ask Rose to the ball.

The chase is on and the adventure begins. Intrigue, mystery, excitement (yes – birders do get excited) misunderstanding and a heinous crime all add spice to the chase.

A thoroughly good read.

Highly recommended.


Drayson, N, 2008, A Guide to the Birds of east Africa: a novel. London, Viking.

A Guide to the Birds of East Africa: a novel

A Guide to the Birds of East Africa: a novel


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