I love Oxymorons.

They fascinate me. Sometimes they are really funny, sometimes serious and often thought provoking. Here is a brilliant one I came across recently in our daily newspaper. It  speaks volumes to writers.



Writers take note: procrastination will kill your writing career.

Stop dithering and get on with it.

Go on – stop wasting time here and get on with your writing.

Further reading:

  • Oxymorons – an article I wrote some time ago explaining what they are, with some examples.

Good writing: and stop putting it off.


2 Responses to “Oxymorons”

  1. Angela says:

    Thanks for the reminder.
    I am a procrastination queen.
    I will get going on the 30 exercises right away instead of having a sleep.Well maybe I could do both.

  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks for the comment Angela.

    I notice that you’re A procrastination queen – not THE procrastination queen. Just as well – otherwise I’d have to address you as Your Majesty.

    Writing while you sleep???? Now – there’s a thought! Wouldn’t it be “luvverly” if you woke up each morning and the writing pixies had been busy all night on your keyboard?? Sure to be nothing but fairy tales though.

    Say – there’s another story idea – WHAT IF you wrote a story about pixies writing your story while you slept?? See – I’m full of ideas!

    And pleeeeze – do not say I’m off with the pixies! That would be fairy insulting and damaging to my elf-esteem.

    (Picks up large jar full of tablets. Looks at clock. Yes – time for my medication.)