What I am reading: “Holy Discontent”

“Holy Discontent: fueling the fire that ignites personal vision.” written by Bill Hybels and published by Zondervan.

I bought this book recently at a seminar I attended in Adelaide, South Australia. The seminar was the Global Leadership Summit run by Willow Creek Community Church where the author, Bill Hybels, is the senior pastor.This relatively short and easy to read book is quite inspiring. That’s what I had hoped for when I bought it.

The author explains how he was filled with “holy discontent” on an issue with which he was confronted. He was not able to rest until he had put all of his energies – plus a healthy dollop of energising from God – into doing what he could about the issue.

While this book is more inspirational rather than instructional, there is sufficient in it to take away and apply to one’s own “holy discontent.” The principle remains: great things get done when ordinary people get discontented and develop a mighty passion for a cause, whatever that cause happens to be.


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