Opinion: sometimes the world upsets me

“I have to forgive the world – it probably doesn’t even realize how often it upsets me.” Ashleigh Brilliant

I must be getting old.

More and more I am getting cranky about the world and some of the people in it. Talk about becoming a grumpy old man. It is not what I want at all; I’d rather be joyful, optimistic and forward looking, but events around me and things happening on a global scale are making me grumpy.

Take, for example, the newly elected Labor Government in Australia. One of the first things Prime Minister Kevin Rudd rushed out to do was to promise to sign the Kyoto Agreement on climate change. Sounds good, noble and worthwhile – until you step back and take a cold hard look at the reality.

It is my opinion that even if we stopped using every vehicle in Australia today, and closed down every factory and power plant in our country, on a global scale it would mean very little – so close to zero, zilch, zip that it wouldn’t matter at all. Meanwhile, counties like China, India, some European countries and the United States ignore the prospects of total disaster on a global scale and merrily go on filling the atmosphere with their rubbish.

We are all on this planet together and everyone has to play their part. Until the massive polluters of this world start making a major shift in their practices, I’m afraid the agreement is a toothless tiger, not worth the paper it is written on.

We must save the world. After all, it is the only planet with chocolate.”

Floriade 2007, Canberra

Floriade 2007, Canberra

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2 Responses to “Opinion: sometimes the world upsets me”

  1. Bingo! Exactly why President Bush did NOT sign it either – it’s of no value unless EVERYONE contributes.

    Yes, the US is a big contributor to world pollution – it’s impossible to be this industrialized and NOT be. But this treaty is completely worthless in power and scope to address the whole issue.

    Also my opinion. 🙂

  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks Robert – I appreciate your input.