I can write a book like that

Ever read a book, get to the end, throw the book down and say to whoever is within earshot, “I could write a book like that”?

I have, many times. And I guess many people reading this have said the same thing. Good authors make writing seem easy. There’s the secret. Good writing seems easy but is very hard to do. That is why so many people say they could write a book but so few actually start. Of those that start, very few actually finish. Of those that finish, even fewer edit and rewrite their book to publishable standard. Even fewer send the manuscript off to publishers and of those that do get to that stage, few are published.

It certainly takes a great deal of commitment, effort and discipline to get to the point where a manuscript can be sent to a publisher. I should know; I’ve written three novels for children. So far I have been unable to find a publisher; any keen publishers out there looking for new talent? Use my contact form.

So if you’ve ever said that you could write a book, whether that be a novel, a volume of poetry, a non-fiction book about your hobby or whatever, what is stopping you?

If the task seems daunting, break it into smaller chunks. Can you write 500 words a day? (This article is about 350 words long and it took me just over half an hour to write.) At 500 words per day – say, an hour per of writing per day, you could have a 250 page, 100,000 word novel written in about 200 days, or six to seven months.

Even the longest journey is completed one step at a time, and the longest novel is written one word at a time. Take it step by step. You can do it.

Good writing.

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