Still More Short Story Starters

One day I have to run out of ideas for this series. Here is yet another set of suggestions to use as short story starters. Hope you find something in this lot that will set your creative juices flowing. Don’t forget to let me know how your writing goes.

Short Story Starters:

  1. Jack was not impressed. After all, wasn’t he the one who….
  2. Angela hesitated. “I can still walk away,” she told herself as she moved her finger towards the doorbell.
  3. It was the last thing Cindy wanted to hear. It was clear that her…
  4. Dan leaped through the opening. “Yaaaah!” he yelled. “At last I’ve….
  5. Carol sat up like a guard dog alert to an intruder’s footsteps.
  6. “How can you possibly think THAT!” yelled Tom. “When I was…
  7. Ellen noticed that her hands were shaking. Her stomach churned like a giant cement mixer. She felt like….

Conditions of use:

  • Feel free to use any of the story starters listed above. Change anything to suit your needs.
  • Give it your best shot.
  • Edit your work carefully before sending it off to a publisher or posting it on your blog.
  • Let me know in the comments section how it went.
  • If you publish your story on your web site or on your blog let me know so I can make a link to it for others to read.

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So there you go.

Good writing.


3 Responses to “Still More Short Story Starters”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I absolutely adore these story starters. I am forever grateful for you.

  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks Elizabeth – I appreciate the feedback and enjoy hearing that these short story starters are useful to other writers. I haven’t yet had occasion to use any of them myself because I have so many other ideas – too many for me to use. All of my focus at present is on editing a novel for children so I haven’t had much time for short story writing anyway over recent months.

    This site has 300-400 readers every day and the short story starter series is by far the most popular with readers. Several schools have also used them effectively in their writing programmes. It doesn’t matter if many people use the same idea – every writer’s end product will be unique.

  3. Amelia says:

    These are really good and they inspired me, even as I read each one, many ideas where forming in my brain for a brilliant story. 🙂