A very short writing competition

A while back I wrote about author DBA Lehane who publishes a short story on his blog called Short Short Fiction every day.

This author has announced a short short short short short short story competition.

Yes – six “shorts” – meaning you have to write a story in just six words. Hemmingway did it with the deeply moving story: “For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.”

To read all the details of the competition and how to enter click here. The competition closes on December 31st 2006.

I haven’t tried writing stories that short though I have written many writing exercises in the form of short fiction with a maximum of 55 words, based on a competition that was run by a magazine some years ago. To read some of these stories click here.

I’m thinking of entering – how about you? Have a go.


3 Responses to “A very short writing competition”

  1. DBA Lehane says:

    Hi Trevor. Many thanks for promoting the competition! Having read some of your 52 word shorts (the Matter of Convenience was particularly close to home!) you most definitely should enter! For anyone thinking of entering I would advise them to consider how Hemingway achieved a complete story in 6 words. However, anyone can enter this, no matter how good or bad they think they are!

  2. Rules in the Game of Living says:

    […] Good writers are able to put together words in such a way as to convey a wealth of meaning in a few short sounds. Trevor Hampel shows us the example of Ernest Hemingway, who wrote a complete story in only six words. For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn. […]

  3. Trevor says:

    I have started drafting a few possibilities for my entry; it’s more difficult than I thought. Still, limiting myself to 55 words was hard enough and I have managed to tackle that challenge many times. I must keep trying.