Resolution #5: Nothing ventured

How are you going with your writing New Year’s Resolutions? Have you forgotten all about them? Or are they deeply etched in your memory?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained should be the mantra of every writer on the planet. Those four little words speak volumes about the writing life.

Dawn Arkin

Write down those words in big letters and paste them above your computer, or on the front of your writing notebook. Memorise them, put them on a poster and stick them to the back of the toilet door, or on the fridge or anywhere you will be forced to see them often.

Why should you memorise these words from a well known proverbial saying and immortalised by Gilbert and Sullivan in one of their songs?

The risky business of being a writer

Being a writer is a risky business. You have no guarantee of your writing ever being accepted for publication. Then, if it is accepted, you have no assurance it will be read. As for getting paid for your words of wisdom – hah! It might be more profitable sticking your head in a bucket of water; at least you will cool down.

The truth is: many writers DO get published, many DO get read and many DO get paid and some even make a living from their words. Even for well established, well known and professional writers this is still a risky business. Even the really popular writers do not always get their writing published. As I said, it’s a risky business.

If you do not send your writing out to publishers there is no way you will get published or read. If you do not make that “venture” out into the publishing world there is no “gain”.

Remember: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Go for it!

Take the risk.

And keep writing.


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