Getting Noticed by Publishers

Most writers want to be published.

That is a given. Of course, not all writing is for general publication; my personal journal may only ever be read by me (and possibly my children after I’ve departed this world). But the fact remains that most writers have a deep desire to be published, to have their words read and appreciated, to make some difference in this crazy world through their words and even make a little money from their writing.

The path to publication is a rocky, winding road strewn with pitfalls, deep valleys of despair and hidden disasters lurking around every corner. How can one get published then? And not go crazy?

Here are some suggestions which may work for you:

  1. Start a blog like this one and share your writing with the world.
  2. Read books or magazines about how to improve your writing.
  3. Read books or magazines about how to get published.
  4. Attend seminars, workshops and conferences for writers that will help your progress.
  5. Read web sites or blogs about writing – there is a wealth of information in the archives section of this blog – just go to the sidebar.

There is another way that I must admit that I haven’t tried. There are a few web sites being developed where you can submit your writing online for publishers to read. If they like what they see they will contact you and then publish your work.

One such site, based here in Australia, is called Writers Now Online. It is well worth checking it out; it may well be your path to getting published.

Writers now Online is a space for people who love writing in all categories: short stories, novels, scripts, poetry, love, politics, culture, religion, animals, travel, science. We are looking for passionate people, who want to express through their writing, feelings, dreams, ideas and visions.

Publish with us NOW and share your work with others!

Writers Now Online is a space also for publishers, who are looking for interesting stories everyday. Your story could be one of them. In that case: you get paid!

Writers now Online promotes your stories with publishing companies in Australia, United States of America and Europe through monthly newsletters.

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