Resolution #4: I want to be published

This is the fourth article in a series about the New Year’s Resolutions that many writers desire.

Some writers think being published is the only way to be a true writer. That without their work, and byline, printed in a magazine or book they are just a wannabe hack.

The reality is being published is a wonderful feeling. The first time you receive an acceptance letter you feel you can fly. But being published isn’t what makes a true writer. Honing your craft and continuing to improve your writing is what is going to get you published.

Dawn Arkin

How are you going in the publishing stakes? Not so good? Perhaps you are spending too much time trying to make that story or poem just perfect. Do the best you can, edit it carefully and check your spelling. Then send it off to a publisher. If you do not submit your work there is no way you can get published.

Write, edit, rewrite, edit some more, check and submit.

Then repeat this process with another story, poem, article or novel. And keep repeating it until you literally have a forest of paper out there knocking on the doors of publishers.

Disclosure: I need to stop writing on this blog and take some of my own advice. I need to submit some writing to publishers. Words without action will get me nowhere. Talk to you soon – after I’ve been to the Post Office.


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