Happy Birthday to my writing blog

This blog about writing is four years old.

Cue: the sound of wild cheering, strains of “Happy Birthday”  and the popping of corks drifting through cyberspace.

[Editors note: corks popping? Why wasn’t I invited??]

Yes folks, this blog about writing is now officially 4 years old today. It has crawled, stumbled and staggered across the pages of literary endeavour over the last four years trying to say something significant – and sometimes just trying to say something.

At times I’ve shared some of my short stories, at other times I’ve published here a few samples of my poetry. Over the last two years I’ve shared my struggles, joys and frustrations while trying to complete my Master of Arts in Creative Writing, including the trials of trying to write a novel for my thesis paper.

This blog continues to grow and prosper – well, grow a little each day. Still waiting for the prosper bit. I try to post every day but often it can be several days between posts as the other demands of my writing life take up time and energy.

Thank you to all of my faithful readers.

Special thanks to all of you who have made the effort to leave a comment. I’d by mighty chuffed if you left a comment wishing the blog a Happy Birthday.

A extra special thanks to my son Sim’ who does all of the background technical stuff keeping this blog going.

Good writing.


5 Responses to “Happy Birthday to my writing blog”

  1. Snail says:

    There’s always some celebration going on here!

    Congratulations, Trevor!

  2. Happy 4th birthday Trevor’s site. I was just looking up grey butcher birds when I stumbled upon your pictures of these fellows and then I started to read your cheery little notes. I am listening to our resident butcher birds (parent and this years child) as I write this so just thought I should add our best wishes to you and your site while “visiting”. I’m sure that is what the birds are also telling me.

  3. Frances says:

    How could I resist so easily making somone feel chuffed on a wet Sunday? Happy birthday and congratulations.

  4. Trevor says:

    Thanks Snail. Yep – I’ve often got something to celebrate. Keeps me on my toes – and everyone else just a little envious!

    [Raises glass and toasts self. Realises too late it’s filled with water.]

  5. Trevor says:

    Thanks for stopping by Frances. Wet Sunday afternoons are wonderful to celebrate too, especially when it’s a chilling wind outside, the fire is gently crackling away, there’s a cuppa by my side and a good book in my lap.

    Mind you – we haven’t much of that sort of thing for six months here in South Australia. We’re just coming out of a blisteringly hot summer with temperatures often well over 40C.