Book review: “The fearsome flute players”

The fearsome flute players

I don’t often write about another of my passions – birding – on this site. But I do include book reviews here. I’ve just finished reading a fascinating book about Australian Magpies, one of our most recognisable and best loved birds.

The book is called “The fearsome flute players: Australian Magpies in our lives.” This is not a scientific thesis paper; it is written in an entertaining and engaging manner, incorporating hundreds of stories of ordinary people in South Australia telling their encounters with these wonderful birds.

I won’t give a full review here but rather refer you to Trevor’s Birding, another site I write so you can read an extensive review of this book.

Special Offer:

The publisher a special offer to readers of my birding site. Mention Trevor’s Birding when you order online and you will also receive a CD of 200 photos of South Australia, including some beautiful photos of scenery and water birds.

I strongly recommend this wonderful book.

Good reading – good writing.

Australian Magpie


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