Australian Writers’ Centres

Over the last two decades Writers’ Centres have been established throughout Australia. I am a long term member of the South Australian Writers’ Centre. I joined only a few years after it was established.

The South Australian Writers’ Centre was established in 1985. It was the first of its kind in Australia, providing resources and support for writers. Located in the heart of Adelaide, the SAWC is a non-profit organisation with over 1200 members.

The Centre acts as a resource centre for writers of all ages and experiences. We focus on writing activities and work with a wide range of organisations to promote and encourage writers and literature in society. We assist new and established writers on every aspect of writing, such as publishing, performing and presentation and have a vast range of useful reference books and a library with over 1600 books mainly donated by South Australian writers.

Since this centre opened other states have followed our example.

Links to Writers’ Centres in Australia:

I would have included the New South Wales site but the server was down when I tried to make the link.

Another useful site is the Australian Society of Authors. Some of the sites above have many other links to Australian organisations for writers and related activities. Some include links to author’s websites.


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