The Birds of Shakespeare

Did you know that William Shakespeare included many different references to birds in his writing? In fact, according to one blog site, Shakespeare mentions at least 45 different species in his works. Now I’m going to trust this authority and not go and read every word that Shakespeare wrote in order to check out this fact.

Here is the full list. By clicking on the species name you will go to the article on that species with full references to where that species is mentioned in Shakespeare’s work.

The Birds of Shakespeare
by Sir Archibald Geikie

BlackbirdBuntingBuzzardChoughCock (Rooster)CormorantCrowCuckoo

Dive-dapperDove and PigeonDuck (Mallard)EagleFalcon and Sparrowhawk – Finch

GooseHedge Sparrow (Dunnock)House MartinJackdawJayKiteLapwingLark


PheasantQuailRavenRobin (Redbreast)SnipeSparrowStarlingSwallowSwan


After looking at those references you may want to wander over to Trevor’s Birding, my blog about Australian birds, including many photos.



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