How to use your writing time productively

Many freelance writers and bloggers work for themselves. There are many benefits of course, independence being one of them. There are also some downsides; procrastination being just one of them. Using your time wisely and productively is essential.

Take Control of Your Time:

Kellie Campbell on the Writing World site has written an article called “Take Control of our Time!In this article she outlines a number of effective strategies to help the writer better manage time and in doing so become far more productive.

She covers topics like:

  • Using lists and setting priorities
  • Learning to say no
  • Tackling one task at a time
  • Cluster tasks together
  • Knowing your energy cycle
  • Automating computer tasks
  • Keeping track of Projects
  • Relaxation


Plenty there to read and think about.

Good writing.

Be productive.

I wanted to be a procrastinator, and I might get around to it when I have more time.


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