Absolutely Scrabulous

Over the weekend my daughter introduced me to the wonderful game of Scrabulous. This is the old board game Scrabble modernised so that it is playable over the internet.

You can play with someone else, solitaire or against the computer. What a wonderful waste of time. My daughter was beating me soundly until the last few moves. Several high scoring moves right at the end won the day for me – much to her chagrin.

While this game could be addictive, and it could lead to a great deal of time wasting, there is a serious side of it for the writer. It is an excellent game for sharpening the thinking skills. It could possibly be used effectively as a daily warm up activity before beginning the writing for the day, providing one doesn’t get hooked and play multiple games. In the same way I currently use the daily cryptic crossword in the newspaper as a warm up writing related activity.

Good writing.


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