Less blogging and more writing

A few days ago I wrote about the studies I am doing over the next two years while I complete my Master of Arts in Creative Writing. Yesterday my wife (who is also studying) and I went to the college for Orientation Day. We had our mug shots taken for the student ID card and then had a whirlwind guided tour of the library and resource centre facilities. After that we were invited to afternoon tea into the section called “The Loft” where all the Humanities lecturers have their offices. This is a section right up high in the building just under the roof, hence its name. It’s a cosy, intimate and friendly part of the college and somewhere we can hang out if we need to talk to the lecturers.

During the afternoon tea we were given some extra information about each of the courses. We also received our reading lists and assignment topics. On reflecting upon the lecture topics and reading through the assignments I was rather relieved at the level of expectations. I can do this was my immediate thought, something that ran quite contrary to other thoughts or terror and panic racing around my mind at 5:30am earlier in the day! The writing assignments include the usual essay type activities, but the emphasis is going to be on the creative writing process and actually creating new works. That is exactly what I wanted out of this course. It will keep me focussed.

One of the three units I am doing will be less writing but more reading. It is called “Literature and the Christian Faith.” I’ve been saying for some time that I need to be doing far more reading. Now I have to make good on that resolution. It will be the most demanding of the units I am doing as it does involve that extra reading.

As a result of my year of study I will have to cut back on my blogging and do more writing and reading. One thing I will do, however, is to use this blog to reflect on my reading and studies. So don’t go away – I’ll still be around. It’s just that the frequency of posts will become a little erratic at times.

Meanwhile – good writing.


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