Opinion: we can change the world

Sometimes I get a little down – even depressed

I sometimes get depressed watching the television news or reading the newspaper and learning of the absolute depravity of some people. When I go online I discover that the internet seems to be the place where many of them congregate.

Then I spend time with friends or colleagues or the folk at church and I am uplifted again. When I experience the generosity and love and care and courage of others I am amazed and encouraged. Life then is good, people are great and all is well with my world.

Each one of us can do our little bit to make this a better place.

We CAN change the world – one kind, loving, caring act at a time.

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3 Responses to “Opinion: we can change the world”

  1. Rick Cockrum says:

    That’s how the world is always changed, Trevor. One person at a time. One act at a time.

  2. Trevor says:

    Indeed Rick – it is the many little things that add up to mighty things. This is the power of one – and when multiplied millions of times it becomes a mighty tsunami of goodness and kindness.

  3. Sunday Reading 24 February 2008 says:

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