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Group Writing Project final list

The group writing project on ProBlogger has finished.

The final list of 343 submissions can be seen here. Some very interesting posts have been included, along with some really bizarre and eyecatching titles. I haven’t had a chance yet to sample more than a few of them. Heaps of interesting posts and fascinating sites to visit.

Darren on ProBlogger claims it is the biggest “How to…” list of blog posts ever assembled. I am sure he is probably right.

My contribution is called: “Do Blackbirds swoop? How to deal with aggressive birds.” It has been posted on my birding blog.

Just a thought

If mum’s the word, what’s the sentence???

Short Fiction #14 Barely Caught

Barely Caught

Donald broke into a run.

“Hey! Stop!” he shouted as he gave up.

“Blast!” he yelled.

He stood watching his departing car.

He looked around.

The beach was deserted.

He wrapped the towel firmly around his waist.

“Serves me right,” he grumbled, “for leaving the keys in the car. Last time I go skinny dipping.”

All rights reserved.

Copyright 2006 Trevor W. Hampel

Haiku #18 Egret

A long white arrow

Ponderously flying up

River in slow motion.

All rights reserved.

Copyright 2006 Trevor W. Hampel

The Importance of Proofreading

I love creating new stories, articles, poems and blog entries. What I don’t enjoy is proofreading them afterwards. I find it tedious. I sometimes even find it a tad boring. I know how the story ends. Or I want to get on with the next project.

Over the last six months I have written a total of over 500 articles on my three blogs. In that time I have learned of the importance of proofreading. When you write so much you must spend to time and effort on getting your writing as near to correct as you can given the time restraints. This has taught me the importance of rapid proofreading. I know I still miss things, small typos, missed words and so on. But I am getting better. With fewer mistakes. It takes effort – but it is still a little tedious.

Anne, on her blog The Golden Pencil has written a post about “How to Proofread Your Own Writing.” She has given some very good strategies on this topic.

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