The Importance of Proofreading

I love creating new stories, articles, poems and blog entries. What I don’t enjoy is proofreading them afterwards. I find it tedious. I sometimes even find it a tad boring. I know how the story ends. Or I want to get on with the next project.

Over the last six months I have written a total of over 500 articles on my three blogs. In that time I have learned of the importance of proofreading. When you write so much you must spend to time and effort on getting your writing as near to correct as you can given the time restraints. This has taught me the importance of rapid proofreading. I know I still miss things, small typos, missed words and so on. But I am getting better. With fewer mistakes. It takes effort – but it is still a little tedious.

Anne, on her blog The Golden Pencil has written a post about “How to Proofread Your Own Writing.” She has given some very good strategies on this topic.

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5 Responses to “The Importance of Proofreading”

  1. In the article above you wrote:
    “When you write so much you must spend to time and effort…”
    Did you mean:
    “When you write so much you must spend the time and effort…”

    For thoses that are struggling with proofreading and editing there are services available.

  2. Trevor says:


    Thanks for pointing that out.

    You are absolutely correct. And I checked it thoroughly before posting it too. [sigh]

    I must protest of course, because you too have left an error in your comments. That evens the score I think. LOL.

  3. hahaha! That was funny Trevor!
    First the author writing the ultimate “importance of proofreading”-blog with an error, and then the Proofreading service pointing out the importance of contracting a service for proofreading…and spells “thoses”! LOL
    I agree with you Trevor, proofreading is boring but necessary. It is amazing how fast one can find a mistake in someone else’s writing, but be totally blind for self mistakes. An old friend found mistakes in my blog today. I think I will give a few friends access to my blog, to correct my English. I can always pay back with some birding in Peru, right?
    Saludos from Peru

    Kolibri Expeditions

  4. Trevor says:

    Thanks Gunnar – I’m pleased I gave you a good laugh. Ironically one of the units of my MA in Creative Writing I am currently doing is about editing!!!