Writing prompt: Travel

Mt Lofty Ranges from Adelaide Airport, South Australia

This photo was taken at the Adelaide International Airport last December. My wife and I were waiting to board our flight to Melbourne on our way to Dubai and then Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Our daughter taught at an international school in Addis last year and we went to visit her for a few weeks. Later, the three of us travelled to Casablanca before touring Morocco. In the new year we spent some time holidaying in Spain. You can read more about our travels on my other site, Trevor’s Travels.

Writing prompt: Write about the holidays you’ve been on, whether they were to exotic places overseas, or close by your home. As an alternative, write about the most exotic place you’d love to visit some day. Try turning your writing into a short story. Next time you go on a holiday, start a journal recording your travels. If you are into writing poetry, write poems about the places you visit. I wrote over 50 poems about the places I visited on my most recent overseas trip.

Good writing.



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