Writing hint #43: Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite – until you get it right

Over recent days I’ve outlined the writing process.

Step 1: Plan

Step 2: Write

Now we come to the next important phase:

Step 3: Rewrite

This is a crucial step often overlooked or ignored by novice writers. Many writers feel that, once the words are down on paper or in their hard-drive or on their blog, then that’s the end of the writing process. The stark reality is that this is only half the process.

Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite – until you get it write right

This is one stage I do not really enjoy all that much, but I know how important it is to the final product. Some years ago I wrote a children’s novel. I haven’t yet sent the manuscript to a publisher. I know that the story is complete but the manuscript is far from finished. I am currently doing a major rewrite of the novel. After writing it I left it for some time sitting in a folder. On rereading it I realised some major flaws – not in the plot or the characters, but in the writing style I had used. In short, I went over the top when describing the action.

I have read of some prominent writers who use the rewriting stage as the main focus of their work. Some find this stage to be the most creative in the process, whereas I find it a little tedious. I’ve even read of one author who throws away the first draft and starts all over again. Not sure I could be THAT drastic – but I get the point. Rewriting is vital.

Good writing – and better rewriting.

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