Writing Hint # 42: Write, write, write

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of planning your writing. Without a plan, the story, novel, article or essay – whatever you are writing – could meander on with no real ending or purpose in mind. It will soon meander off into the desert, lost, lost, lost. And in the process, you will have lost most of your readers.

The second stage of writing:


That’s it.

Just write. Get the words down following your plan. Don’t stop for reflection. Don’t stop to edit. Don’t stop to rewrite. Don’t deviate from the task. Just get those words down, no matter how you feel about them. Keep writing, writing, writing. Let the words flow. Let the characters speak. Let the inspiration feed on itself. Get into a zone and just write.

Later stages

Once you have the words down, then the next stages kick in – rewriting and editing – but more of that in future articles.

Good writing.

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