Writing Hint #36: Write with music

Some people work better with a musical background. Just observe young people studying to see what I mean.

On many occasions I have some music playing on my computer while I write. I find some music, especially that written by the Masters (Vivaldi, Bach, Tchaikovsky etc) to be not only very inspiring but also very soothing. If you enjoy music -in whatever genre turns you on – use it to inspire and lift your writing to another level. A beautiful piece of music is on the same level as a beautifully crafted sentence or paragraph.

At times, however, I find myself humming or whistling along with the music. Worse still, I start singing the words! That means I am not fully focussed on the writing and have to switch to something else – or switch it off completely.

Use music to help inspire your writing. Find the type of music that will help and not hinder the creative process.

Good writing.


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