The Adventures of Nancy – leaving home

Nancy at home

Nancy at home

Hi there,

Nancy here again.

Well, I have some exciting news for you. I’ve left home to go on a little holiday. Yesterday Grandpa Trevor and Grandma Corinne came to visit for the day. Mum invited them to visit so that they could meet some friends of hers from England. I was a little shy at first with the house full of strange people but I soon became used to having all those people here. Mum cooked a lovely dinner for everyone. I felt a little lonely during the evening because everyone wanted to talk and talk and talk. No-one wanted to play with me.

I don’t really mind because when the children went to bed I went for a long drive in Grandma Corinne’s car. We drove for over two hours and it was after midnight when we arrived at Grandpa’s house. It was dark so I didn’t see any kangaroos, or sheep or possums, so I curled up on Grandpa’s lap for a sleep on the way to his house.

Soon I will show you photos of what I am doing to keep busy at Grandpa’s place.

Talk to you soon,



2 Responses to “The Adventures of Nancy – leaving home”

  1. Wow Nancy, How could anyone not want to cuddle and pet you?

    Silly people!

  2. Trevor says:

    It’s okay. I’m over it now. Besides, I am now on holiday with Grandpa Trevor. That’s lots of fun.