Writing Hint #19 Practice every day

All professional sports people regularly practice the skills relevant to their discipline on a daily basis. They practice the same skills over and over. Musicians spend many hours in practice for even a small performance. Orators rehearse their speeches, actors go over their lines developing all the nuances of the words their parts demand. Firefighters practice their firefighting skills, emergency workers rehearse what to do in different scenarios. Practice of basic skills is a requirement in so many professions.

Do you practice your writing skills?

Here are some ways to practice your writing:

  • Write for ten minutes in a journal.
  • Write about what you plan to do for the day.
  • Write about how you feel about the main news story of today
  • Think of a name – any name – and assign that name to an imaginary person. Write for ten minutes about that person.
  • Think of some place you would like to be right now. Write about that place and why it is so special to you.
  • Think of a species of bird, or an animal. Write for ten minutes all you know about that animal or bird.

The writing possibilities like this are endless, merely restricted only by your imagination.
Angela Booth on her blog has written about what she does to practice her writing skills in this article:


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