Are you afraid to write?

I’d never thought about being afraid of writing until I read an article on Angela Booth’s Writing Blog. But when I thought about it there is quite a deal of anxiety surrounding the writer’s life.

Some of these fears could include:

  • Fear of starting – call it writer’s block, procrastination or whatever, this fear plagues so many writers.
  • Fear of finishing – never sure that the written piece is good enough to be thought worthy of being published, constant revising being the symptom.
  • Fear of rejection – never sending any manuscripts off to publishers because you might be rejected.
  • Fear of ridicule – putting out some of your writing into the public arena is like undressing in a shopping mall; people will see you for what you really are, warts and all.
  • Fear of Success – perverse as it might seem this is a very real fear. Some people are genuinely afraid of the demands of being in the spotlight, of being public property and being seen as a role model. It is the same kind of fear that makes strong men shake in terror when a microphone is placed in their hands.


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