Writing Hint #15 More about metaphors

I’ve written before about using metaphors in one’s writing. They can be useful little devices to enhance one’s writing, if used carefully. Thinking of fresh, new metaphors to bring colour to your writing is hard work. You have to be particularly creative. Writing a novel or story, for example, is like building a house; it helps to have a plan. It also helps to have all the necessary equipment.

Sometimes I feel like a caterpillar. At first I seem to be making very little progress. All those legs are so easily tripped up and I stumble around not knowing where I am going. Then I think I’m in a cocoon, making absolutely no movement at all. But finally, just when I despair of ever making anything of real value, a beautiful butterfly emerges to grace the world with its enchanting presence.

I’ve just read a post written by Roger von Oech on his blog Creative Think. Roger takes a completely different view of metaphors. He uses metaphors in his workshops to help participants think about their company and how is it travelling. This is really creative thinking and a wonderful way to stimulate their thinking. See the link below to read the whole article, including some funny – and tragic – metaphors created by some participants in his workshops.

Life is a bowl of fine icecream – smooth, creamy and sweet, leaving you with a yearning to come back for more.

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