What I learned from 2007

In this article I look back over some of the articles I posted on my blog during 2007. This was in response to Robert Hruzek and his BLOGAPALOOZA Group Writing Project over at his blog Middle Zone Musings.

I am an Australian elementary school teacher who retired three years ago after 35 years of classroom experience. I have always been a writer but it is only since retiring that I have been able to concentrate on my writing almost full time. I’ve been blogging for a little over two years on my blog called Trevor’s Birding (mainly about Australian birds, including photos). For almost two years I’ve also been writing most days on another blog called Trevor’s Travels (about my travels in Australia, Thailand and Nepal – including a trek in the Everest region – and including many photos). My third blog called Trevor’s Writing is about writing, blogging, reading, books and all sorts of things, including some of my short stories and poems.

What I learned from 2007

January – Setting writing goals for 2007 – I believe in the importance of setting goals and have done so for many years, sometimes successfully and at other times quite dismally. That’s life – which tends to get in the way as a matter of habit. I get over it – and get on with life.

FebruaryLooking for inspiration – writing can be a lonely and frustrating pursuit. This is one way I have found that has helped me overcome a lack of momentum with my writing.

MarchStrategies to keep you writing – sometimes the words just do not flow. It is then that I need to fall back on some proven strategies to keep me pounding those keys and churning out the words.

AprilThe potential of blogging – I sometimes get discouraged about the few readers I have on my three blogs. When I stand back and take an objective view of the internet, the enormous potential of blogging is truly staggering. We ain’t seen nuttin’ yet folks!

MayTop 5 Writing Hints – some very useful and valuable hints on improving one’s writing. Now – if only I could apply my own advice to my own writing.

June – Life sucks – writing on the bad days – setbacks, crises, illness or disabilities can severely hinder one’s writing. This year, more than any other before it, has taught me a valuable lesson time and time again (I’m a slow learner). I am learning to roll with the punches. Use the good times, get over the bad times.

July – Writing through the storms of lifestruggles are a part of life. I am learning to let the storms of life strengthen me. The strongest trees are those that resist the tempest and survive.

August – How to have 250,000 blog visitors a day – my most controversial article of the year – by far. It drew many visitors seeking an instant success formula. Many were encouraged and challenged by it, some were disappointed because they missed the point entirely – or didn’t want to face up to the reality of what I was saying. I am slowly learning to apply the principles I wrote about in that article.

September – Poem #36: “Raindrops” – I occasionally feature a short poem or short story on this blog. The poem will never win a literary competition, but the post features one of the best photos I have ever taken. Through my photography I am learning that even the simplest objects can be things of great beauty.

October – A very significant day – from this very special day I gained a new understanding of the importance of family and my amazing heritage.

November – Happy birthday to me – I was all primed ready to have a very relaxing 60th Birthday. It all went very wrong but turned out okay in the end. I learned from this little incident that life doesn’t always go according to the script you have written.

December – How a little ant taught me about writing – the title says it all. We need to be aware of how even the simplest things can teach us important life applications.





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