Opinion: where do I buy a six-pack?

A few days ago I wrote about a you beaut Christmas present I received – a wonderful label maker. I also grizzled a little about the fact that batteries were not included. Imagine my annoyance that I didn’t buy the right sized batteries, so now I have a big pack of AA batteries that I don’t really need at present; sure they will get used over the coming months for various things like clocks. I didn’t take all that much notice and didn’t realise that the label maker needed 6 AAA batteries.

Went shopping this morning. I went to buy some AAA batteries. No problem, you’d think. Wrong. The store only stocked packs of four or eight – I needed six. Why do they do that? Now I have two useless batteries. I can’t think of anything else in the house that needs AAA batteries. (I have a sneaking suspicion that something takes AAA batteries but can’t think what it is. Is it one of the remotes? Must check.)

The Good News

So on arrival home I installed the six batteries and stored the two spare batteries in a place I’ll probably forget about. I fired up the label maker. Now here’s the good news – it does a fantastic job. All I need now is plenty of time to go and label everything in sight.

Ha ha – just let me loose.

Now – if only I could get it away from my wife; it was a combined present!


2 Responses to “Opinion: where do I buy a six-pack?”

  1. Sounds like the same conundrum about hot dogs and hot dog buns. You buy hot dogs in packs of 12, but buns are packaged in packs of 8.

    Obviously a conspiracy there, somewhere… :-\

  2. Trevor says:

    It happens far too often to be a coincidence. You are probably right about the conspiracy theory.

    And another thing – the letters to the editor section of our daily newspaper has been full of complaints from people complaining that the large supermarkets are now selling hot cross buns. The Christmas decorations were hardly down….