The Adventures of Nancy – my mum the teacher

Nancy - a portrait

Nancy - a portrait

Hi there,

Nancy – the dog with attitude here again.

How are all of my readers going? I’d like to hear about you in the comments section.

Today I am going to tell you about my Mum. Her name is Rose. She is a high school teacher. She works very hard. When she goes away from home for a holiday she always takes a pile of books to read. This is so she can teach her students about books. You should see her library – she has heaps of books. Below is a photo of her reading while on a holiday earlier this year. Grandpa Trevor took the photo of her relaxing in the sunshine reading a book.

I feel a little sad looking at this photo. She didn’t take me with her. She went to a little town called Robe in South Australia. Grandpa Trevor wrote about that holiday on his travel blog. I suppose it was alright though. I had a holiday too. I stayed with my friend Butch.

Now before you start thinking sneaky thoughts, Butch and I are just good friends.

That’s all.


I will write about him in a few days time.

Talk to you then.





2 Responses to “The Adventures of Nancy – my mum the teacher”

  1. Hello Nancy,

    I can understand how you might feel a little sad not being able to go on the trip with your mum; but I’m sure she missed you greatly.

    Now, what about Butch? Sure, maybe you think you’re just friends but a lady as beautiful as you…

    Are you sure Butch doesn’t want more?

  2. Trevor says:

    Now you are making me blush.

    Ladies do not talk about such things.