The Adventures of Nancy – my Great Grandma

Nancy on Great Grandma's lap

Nancy on Great Grandma's lap

Hi there.

Nancy here again.

Today I want to tell you about my Great Grandma Connie. Great Grandma often comes to visit Grandpa Trevor and Grandma Corinne. I then get lots of pats and rubs on the back. Oooooh I do like that. I also like to sit on her very comfortable lap. She rubs me all the time and it feels really nice.

Sometimes Great Grandma comes to visit my mum Rose in Clare. Then I can play with her all day and sit on her lap whenever I like. When Rose goes off to school to teach she leaves me home by myself, so I like having visitors like my Great Grandma. She’s cool – but her lap is warm, and I like that.

Great Grandma spoils me too. She sometimes slips me a piece of meat or a bit of biscuit from her plate. I try not to eat too much because that will make me fat. So when I eat too many treats I like to take Great Grandma for a walk. She needs the exercise.

Talk to you soon.



2 Responses to “The Adventures of Nancy – my Great Grandma”

  1. Hi Nancy,

    You are so lucky you have a Great Grandma to love and spoil you.

    You are also right to watch your figure, and help Great Grandma to keep hers!

  2. Trevor says:

    My Great Grandma is really great. You’d like her too.