More Short Story Starters

Over the life of this blog I have written a number of articles called Short Story Starters (or similar titles). These lists are designed to help other writers when they are having trouble coming up with writing ideas. Try them. Feel free to use any of them.

Short Story Starters:

  1. The sudden screeching of tyres woke Adam. The crunching thump that followed made him leap from his bed. He…
  2. Briony tried to blink back the tears. It was no use. She…
  3. “There’s Carl!” yelled Sara. “Help! Come quickly!” She leaned over his body. She knew at once….
  4. As she walked away from the building Diana had an overwhelming desire to scream. She knew at that instant that would never again….
  5. “Ellen!” It was a cry of instant recognition. “Ellen – it’s been so long. What are you doing here? How did…
  6. Frank reached over to the empty seat. He wrapped his fingers around the cold object. He lifted the gun…
  7. The moment Gina set eyes on the building she knew she was home at last. She…

Conditions of use:

  • Feel free to use any of the story starters listed above. Change anything to suit your needs.
  • Give it your best shot.
  • Edit your work carefully before sending it off to a publisher or posting it on your blog.
  • Let me know in the comments section how it went.
  • If you publish your story on your web site or on your blog let me know so I can make a link to it for others to read.

Still more ideas:

The archives of this blog contain many more writing ideas. Click here to access those ideas.


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