The Adventures of Nancy – my friend Butch

Nancy - a portrait

Nancy - a portrait

Hi there readers.

This is Nancy again – the dog with attitude.

A few days ago I mentioned my good friend Butch. Let me tell you about him.

First – we are just good friends – nothing more. I like to visit his home and he comes to visit Grandpa Trevor’s home. When I go to visit Butch we play games in the garden. Sometimes he gets jealous if I play with his toys. He can be very possessive.

I must be careful to eat from my food bowl. He growls at me if I try to eat from his bowl. That’s a bit mean but I guess it is only fair. It might be more polite to share but that’s the way he is. Sometimes he has a visit from his cousin Charlie. Charlie is a strange dog. I don’t feel like telling you about him; he’s odd.

Here is a photo of Butch in his lovely comfortable bed. He won’t let me share his bed, but then I have my own bed.

Nancy's  friend Butch

Nancy's friend Butch

Sometime I will tell you more about Butch, my best friend.

Talk to you soon.



2 Responses to “The Adventures of Nancy – my friend Butch”

  1. Okay Nancy, you are looking at me like I’ve taken leave of my senses.

    I believe you; Butch is just a friend. Though how he can remain immune to your charms is lost on me. Now, that I think about it, Butch seems to be looking at me the same way.


  2. Trevor says:

    Careful – he is MY friend. You are on a slippery surface there.