The Adventures of Nancy – I’m going on a holiday

Hi there,

Nancy here again.

I am so excited. I heard my Mum talking to Grandpa Trevor on the phone last night. Grandpa and Grandma are coming here to visit us. Then I’m going home with them for a holiday. I love staying with them. They play games with me, they let me sit on their laps and they have a lovely warm fire. I enjoy sleeping by the fire.

I think Mum said they are coming next Tuesday, but I’m going to keep watching through the lounge room window in case they come soon.

Talk to you soon.


Nancy watching through the window

Nancy watching through the window


2 Responses to “The Adventures of Nancy – I’m going on a holiday”

  1. Nancy,

    I know you’re grandparents will be happy to see you. I’m sure they missed you while they were on holiday.

  2. Trevor says:

    Thank you Menopauseprincess (Goodness – that is a loooooong name to type – my delicate little paws have to be so careful.

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