Coming home

I been away from home for nearly four weeks.

Did you miss me?

Over that time my wife and I travelled just over 4000 kilometres through our state of South Australia, and the states of New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria. We stayed in a variety of small to medium sized country towns, in the heart of Sydney with our son and daughter-in-law, in the nation’s capital Canberra and visited friends in Melbourne.

It is good to travel, to see new things, visit new places and meet new people. It is also good be home again, in the midst of all that chaos we call home. It is good to be in familiar territory again. It is very of comforting to be home.

The trip was very inspiring. I took my laptop with me and wrote about the things I saw and experienced. I share these on my other two blogs – my Travel Blog and my Birding Blog. Each features many of the photos I took on our journeys.

While away my Grand Dog Nancy has largely held the fort here on this blog, sharing some of her thoughts and experiences. Thanks Nancy. You did a good job. More from her soon. Other posts here were either written before we left or while in Sydney (piggy-backing on my son’s very fast broadband connection).


2 Responses to “Coming home”

  1. Welcome home Trevor!

    Yes, Nancy has done a fine job of blogging while you were gone. I hope you’ll be able to pry her away from the computer now that you’re back.

  2. Trevor says:

    I think you might be right about that.