Sydney Writers’ Centre

I am a long term member of the South Australian Writers’ Centre. I have attended many of their excellent courses, seminars and workshops over the years. All have been worthwhile.

Recently I came across a reference to the Sydney Writers’ Centre. Checking out their website I was most impressed by the range of courses they offer. I have never done any of these courses but they look well worth considering if you live in the Sydney area. They also offer several online courses and a regular fortnightly e-newsletter.

Of interest to readers and writers from other countries or interstate are the podcasts they have on the site. These are seem  interesting and helpful interviews with a variety of authors. I’ve only listened to one so far, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

To check out the web site click here.


2 Responses to “Sydney Writers’ Centre”

  1. Elana Bowman says:

    Thanks so much Trevor, much appreciated.
    So glad you like our podcasts!


  2. Trevor says:

    Welcome to my writing blog Elana. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. Keep up the good work. I am always happy to help promote good writing sites.