Short fiction #44 “Galahs”

An Australian parrot called a Galah

An Australian parrot called a Galah

The flock of galahs must have numbered three hundred, perhaps even as many as four hundred. Their pink breast feathers were shining brilliantly in the evening sun as they wheeled together as one against the deep blue sky. Their screeching could be heard many hundreds of metres away, and as they flew overhead, the flapping of so many wings sounded like a wave washing over me.

With much squawking and flapping of wings the flock settled on the powerlines near our driveway. Several of them couldn’t decide where to sit and they began circling around the others looking for a spot to perch.

The setting sun accentuated the beautiful pink feathers as they began to quieten and settle. A few noisy individuals spoiled the calm evening air.

A passing cyclist disturbed the flock which ebbed and flowed as one on its way the settle for the night in the trees up the hill from our home.

Peace at last.

All rights reserved. Copyright 2015 Trevor W. Hampel

Notes: although I have classed this under “fiction”, an incident like this actually happened to me about 5 years ago which prompted me to write this piece as a writing exercise. Above I have posted a recent photo of a Galah.

You see more photos of birds and read more about them on my other site Trevor’s Birding here.


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