Poem #38: A Gift



A Gift

Come to the fields,
Hear a heavenly throng
Praise our wonderful Father
In rapturous song.

Come to the stable
A wonder to see –
A child in a manger,
A gift given free.

Come to the lakeside
With the sick and the lame,
Hear all of those needy
Call His precious name.

Come to a hillside –
No glamour, no gloss.
Watch the Man who has died
Upon that stark Cross.

Come to Jesus, Christ Jesus –
No tinsel, no tree.
Just Jesus, our saviour
His gift sets us free.

Copyright 2007 Trevor W. Hampel.

All rights reserved.


One Response to “Poem #38: A Gift”

  1. […] We had a very quiet Christmas. Our daughter is home at present; we are always pleased to spend time with her because of the busy demands of her work. We had a delightful Christmas lunch after attending a lovely church service celebrating the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. I hope I am not being too biased in saying it was a lovely service. Our minister is currently on holidays and it was left to me to lead the service. There were plenty of complimentary comments afterwards, so I must have done something right. As a part of the service I shared the poem I published here yesterday. […]