Christmas Greetings

Christmas Greetings to all of my readers.

I trust you are having – or have had – a wonderful day.

We had a very quiet Christmas. Our daughter is home at present; we are always pleased to spend time with her because of the busy demands of her work. We had a delightful Christmas lunch after attending a lovely church service celebrating the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. I hope I am not being too biased in saying it was a lovely service. Our minister is currently on holidays and it was left to me to lead the service. There were plenty of complimentary comments afterwards, so I must have done something right. As a part of the service I shared the poem I published here yesterday.

We also entertained my mother-in-law for the day, as well as an elderly friend of hers. Jack has no family living nearby and we usually invite him as well. We didn’t overindulge as far as food is concerned. During a sleepy afternoon we watched several movies, something we don’t do often enough.

The weather here in South Australia was just perfect. The temperature hovered around 28C (82F) all day. It was a sunny, bright, cloudless day with a gentle breeze. It doesn’t get much better than that.


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