Poem #26 Raindrops in your heart

Raindrops in Your Heart

You reach out your hand
To grasp at what you call love,
To have that which your tormented heart
Has longed for through many sleepless nights.

You wander down the avenue
Of wind strewn golden leaves,
And brace yourself against the bitter wind
Of mid-winter with a heavy heart of ice.

The lonely bird in the tree above
Is your only companion; he, like you,
Is in need of companionship, in need
Of a friend to share the warmth of love.

Memories there are – but they only taunt
The emptiness that weighs you down
And stir the longing for a hand to hold,
For lips to kiss, for arms to be embraced.

You must wander on through restless days
And toss through tiring nights,
Until she returns – or live through a life
Of endless misery and dejection.

And even the bird flies away – wait!
A solitary ray of sunlight, a heart-leap of hope –
But no – just fleeting hopes – for the rain returns
And trickles down your crying face.

All rights reserved.

Copyright 2007 Trevor W. Hampel.


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